Protect your home efficiently with RENODRY

Masonry Diagnostics


Our specialists will come to your home and inspect the situation at hand. They will take measurements and provide you with a detailed summary of what they found out. According to the findings our expert will suggest you a tailor-made solution for your problems.

Dry out walls


Our RENODRY® magnetic DPC systems handle capillary rising damp in your building and ensure that rising damp never becomes a problem again. The use of RENODRY® systems is non-invasive and cost effective.

Nano Protection


Our nanoproducts protect your house from driving rain and splash water. They are breathable and ensure that your walls can exhale. Moss-covered facades, permeable joints – all this is a thing of the past with our nanoproducts.

Mould remove


Mould is unfortunately a common problem in our time. Condensation moisture, incorrect ventilation, etc. can quickly lead to mould. Therefore, we have Keeper antimould – a product that makes your mould disappear. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

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